Under the moniker livingstonian I’m a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter. At the moment, very few of the hundreds of songs I’ve written have been recorded in suitable quality (and plenty of them weren’t written in suitable quality, either). I’m trying to get the half-way decent recordings organized and put them somewhere where people can listen to them.

I’ve done some collaborative work, too:

I’m one half of Coin de Feu with Will Lane of Deathtron Robots. The name of the band literally means ‘corner of fire’ in French, but the phrase means a fireside. Our original goal was to make 80s-tinged synthy-but-also-sorta-folk reggae like we heard in New Caledonia, but we quickly branched out in a lot of different directions. We’re still fine-tuning the debut, self-recorded album with a tentative title of Death on all sides.

With long-time friends and highly-skilled musicians Josh Flygare (bass) and Topher Moreno (electric guitar), we formed a band variously known as Australian Smile, Johann and the Sebastians, The Honest Abes, and Captain.

When I lived in Provo, UT, I was a member of Red Yeti. I mainly played the electric banjo, but sometimes I subbed in on electric bass and the crowd-confusing tube bass.

I’ve built some instruments, for two main reasons: the real thing was either too expensive, or didn’t exist. [Invented instrument gallery coming soon]