I grew up on The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes, along with a strong undercurrent of DIY ethic. As far back as 5th grade, I was experimenting with new ways to draw stick figures. They were terrible, and the accompanying comic writing was only occasionally suitable for human audiences, but it was a start.

Here are some of the illustration and cartooning projects I’ve been a part of: banner

CS cast

Crustacean Singles is a daily webcomic, online since August of 2011. I write and draw the comics, as well as the occasional flash fiction under the title Mental Health. The cartoons are usually one-panel awkward vignettes, moments in the middle of a story with no satisfying beginning or end. There is a frightening man with lobster claws, a rotating cast of empty-eyed stick figures, and a world where the most common scenery is a plain white background.



What The French?! is a book on beginning and intermediate French grammar. I co-authored the book with the distinguished French professor Marc Olivier. Since the book represented a break from some modern language teaching methods, and spoke to an audience who’s tired of Eiffel Tower clip-art in their textbooks, I ended up getting the task of illustrating the book. It was a lot of fun to do.

Other projects are in the works, but I’m not yet at liberty to talk about them.

Please contact me if you have an idea or a project to propose– I’m open to almost anything.