I am available to work for you in exchange for money. Though my past experience is primarily in teaching at a university level, I am interested in exploring a number of career paths.


I teach:
◾ drawing from a passion for lifelong learning and research skills learned in academia
◾ focusing on individual details as parts of a larger pattern or system
◾ with creative and innovative solutions to students’ obstacles to understanding

I write:
◾ nonfiction, for both academic and non-specialist audiences, from short reports to book-length work
◾ fiction, in multiple genres; fiction informs and improves my non-fiction (and vice-versa)

I research and solve problems:
◾ independently, with self-motivation and self-monitoring
◾ on teams, dependably and with attention to both detail and overarching goals


◾ English (native, region-neutral American); superior writing ability
◾ French (near-native fluency, with most experience in New Caledonian and Wallisian varieties, also comfortable with European, academic French); excellent writing ability
◾ East Uvean (intermediate), with reading ability in related Polynesian languages (e.g. Tongan, Samoan, Niuean)
◾ Spanish (reading and some listening for comprehension; limited speaking and writing)
◾ Arabic (low intermediate; MSA and Egyptian dialect); strong grasp of grammar but with limited vocabulary


Available upon request. Contact me at Livingston.Andrew.H (at) gmail dot com.