My name is Andrew Livingston. I do a lot of things.

I teach:
◾ drawing from a passion for lifelong learning and research skills learned in academia
◾ focusing on individual details as parts of a larger pattern or system
◾ with creative and innovative solutions to students’ obstacles to understanding

I write:
◾ nonfiction, for both academic and non-specialist audiences, from short reports to book-length work
◾ fiction, in multiple genres; fiction informs and improves my non-fiction (and vice-versa)

I research and solve problems:
◾ independently, with self-motivation and self-monitoring
◾ on teams, dependably and with attention to both detail and overarching goals

On this site you’ll find examples of my work in many fields, links to other projects and collaborations, and ways to contact me.

If you have a project to propose, a question to ask, or really anything to say to me, I’d like to hear from you. Let’s be acquaintances.